Why is the proposed project needed?

The need for the proposed project is driven by inadequate system linkage within
Billings County, specifically the lack of reliable river crossings, and
increased traffic demands from the oil and gas industry. Historically, Billings
County has seen a need for a new crossing of the Little Missouri River as early
as the 1970s. The County documented concerns that roadways in the area were
unreliable in inclement weather, which made them virtually impassable, while
the ability to cross the river has had to be negotiated with landowners of
private fords. The
County also identified the need for a river crossing to meet socioeconomic
demands within the area, such as industry development.

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1. Is the Elkhorn Ranch Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park included in the study area?
2. When was the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process initiated?
3. What is the difference between the current project and previous efforts by Billings County to construct a crossing over the Little Missouri River?
4. Has a Coordination Plan been completed in accordance with SAFETEA-LU requirements?
5. What is the purpose of the proposed project?
6. Why is the proposed project needed?
7. Have alternatives been developed?
8. Who is leading the proposed project?
9. What other agencies are involved in the proposed project?
10. Who will approve the proposed project?
11. What approval do the decision-makers give?
12. Who is funding the proposed project?
13. Who can I direct my concerns to?