What other agencies are involved in the proposed project?

with the lead agencies, there are agencies that are considered cooperating and participating agencies.
The “cooperating” and “participating” agency status does not imply support for
the project; rather, these agencies have varying levels of responsibility with
the project planning process. The US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Forest
Service are both cooperating agencies for the project. The participating
agencies for the project are as follows:

  • National Park Service (Theodore Roosevelt National Park)
  • US Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (ND State Office)
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (Region 8)
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service (ND Field Office)
  • ND Department of Emergency Services (Department of Homeland Security)
  • ND Department of Health
  • ND Game & Fish Department
  • ND Parks and Recreation
  • ND State Water Commission
  • State Historical Society of ND
  • Tribal
    Consultation Committee

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