Billings County Auditor/Treasurer


Office Hours:

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Mountain Time) Monday – Friday

Summer Hours

7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Mountain Time) Monday – Thursday

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Mountain Time) Friday

(Closed Legal Holidays)

Phone: 701-623-4377 • Fax: 701-623-4761

Send Correspondence to:

Billings County Courthouse (1st Floor)

495 4th Street

PO Box 168

Medora, ND 58645-0168

Marcia Lamb, Auditor/Treasurer

Connie Hartman , Deputy Auditor/Treasurer
Colleen Lapp, Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer:

The Auditor/Treasurer’s office is the hub of every courthouse.

As defined in the ND Century Code, the Auditor/Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer, (CFO),

the election officer, the property tax administrator, and the executive secretary to the County Commission.

Most Auditor/Treasurers are responsible for a broad range of other administrative duties.




Executive Secretary for the County Commission:

The Auditor/Treasurer schedules meetings, prepares agendas, and takes minutes for commission meetings.

Prior to the meetings, the Auditor/Treasurer researches county records and gathers information for the board members. After the meeting the Auditor processes correspondence from the meeting.

Taxation and Budgeting:

One of the most important jobs is the budget process, which begins and ends in the Auditor's Office.  Sometime after the fiscal year begins on January 1, the Auditor starts preparing the budget for the following year by compiling revenue, expense, and levy estimates.  By summer, a preliminary budget is ready for the commissioners to examine.  The final budget is approved by the commission in October.

Election Administration:

The County Auditor/Treasurer is the election administrator for primary, general and special county, state and federal elections.  Since 1994, city elections have been held in conjunction with primary elections. 

The Auditor/Treasurer trains election workers and prepares, distributes and tabulates ballots.  

The Auditor/Treasurer is also part of the board which canvasses (examines) election results and is the filing officer for campaign contribution statements from county elected officials.

Absentee ballots are also handled by this office.

Duties of the County Auditor/Treasurer

also include acting as:

  • Secretary of the Zoning and Planning Commission
  • Code Administrator for zoning
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • ADA Coordinator (American with Disabilities Act)

The Auditor/Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Investments
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Payable

The Auditor/Treasurer's office is in charge of:

  • Maintaining daily cash balance sheets
  • Reviewing and maintaining insurance coverage for county property
  • Maintaining an inventory of fixed assets
  • Taxation
  • Calculating mill levies
  • Computing taxes
  • Preparation and mailing of tax statements
  • Tax collections
  • Distributing tax collections to the various subdivisions of the county
  • Completing the tax abstract
  • Foreclosing on property by Tax Deed
  • Selling foreclosed property by County Deed
  • Abatements and cancellations
  • Filing Tax district budgets
  • Maintaining the tax list
  • Reviewing and updating insurance coverage for county property
  • Issuing beer and liquor licenses, and raffle permits on Commission Board approval
  • Preparation of year-end financial statements
  • Coordinates distribution of hunting and fishing licenses
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