Zoning District Map

Zoning Map Book Cover

The location and boundaries of the zoning districts are hereby established as shown on the map entitled “Zoning District Map" on file in the courthouse. The County Planning & Zoning Director regularly updates the map to show any changes in the zoning district boundary lines resulting from amendments.

The Zoning District Map book is organized by townships.  One township is depicted on each page.

Location of District Boundaries

The following rules shall apply to the boundaries of the zoning districts as shown on the Zoning District Map.
  1. Where zoning district boundary lines follow streets, highways, roads, railroad right-of-way, alleys, and extensions thereof, such boundary lines shall be the center lines, streets, highways, roads, railroad rights-of-way or alleys unless clearly shown to the contrary.
  2. Where a zoning district boundary line coincides approximately, but not exactly, with a lot line, the zoning district boundary shall be construed to be the lot line at that location. All section lines, quarter section lines, and quarter quarter section lines may be construed as the property lines.
  3. Where any uncertainty exists as to the exact location of zoning district boundary lines, the Commission shall determine the location of such boundary lines.