Medora Area Plan

Medora Area Plan Logo with badlands and Little Missouri RiverThe Medora Area Plan (MAP) focuses on the City of Medora and portions of Billings County to the west, east, and south of Medora.  The plan will set expectations for future development in the area.  The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation is the Plan sponsor.  Billings County, the City of Medora, and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation are Plan partners.  The Plan was partially funded by a ND Tourism Planning Grant and SRF Consulting Group lead the planning process.

MAP was developed with guidance from the Project Leadership Team, Steering Committee, and the members of the public. The Project Leadership Team engaged virtually throughout the project and led all public engagement activities. The Steering Committee met four times in 2022 to review project deliverables and provide valuable feedback. Public workshops were conducted in May and October of 2022 and the Project Leadership Team interviewed residents and stakeholders in the summer of 2022.

The Plan is currently in the final stages of public review and adoption.  Billings County and/or the City of Medora may adopt all or portions of MAP as their official comprehensive plans.

Final public hearings for the Medora Area Plan have not been scheduled yet.  Please watch for details.

This page will be periodically updated with content as needed.

The planning boundary for the Medora Area Plan covers the City of Medora, Medora's 1-mile Extraterritorial Zoning District, and a portion of Billings County surrounding the City of Medora.  The remaining extent of the county is not affected by this Plan.

Planning Boundary Map